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Discover the Power of Reselling or Branding Cutting-Edge Telecom Solutions: Our Comprehensive Feature Set Delivers State-of-the-Art Cloud and On-Site PBX, Along with Class 4/5 SIP Capabilities."

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Our PBX phone system enables internal, multi-tenant and external communication. Class 4 and 5 features such as call routing and switching protocols, IVR, call forwarding, voicemail, conference calling, call recording, call blocking, and call transfer are simple to configure unbelievably user-friendly.

Our Whitelabel PBX & Class 4 / 5 Solutions allow you to take on the industry giants and we are confident that you have what it takes to succeed. With our support, you can compete at the highest level. We believe in you and your abilities. Let’s show the world what you are made of!


Feature Highlights

"Exridge Solutions enabled our business to offer a vast variety of services to our customers and automate tasks with their VoIP system. Features such as voicemail, call recording, call forwarding, and conference calls allow their customers to interact with them efficiently, and their trucks are now equipped with the latest technology. Thanks to Exridge Solutions, we can focus on core business operations while delivering the best possible services to our customers."
Milos Palvovic
whitelabel voip solutions by industry

Visual Analytics for Clear Insight

Visual analytics helps gain insights and make informed decisions in telecoms. It unlocks hidden patterns and trends that are hard to see. With data visualization, we can understand complex systems, identify fraud and make better decisions. Gain new insights into your business. Trust in the power of data visualization and navigate your way towards success!

Bring Your Own SIP Trunks

Bringing your own SIP trunks will give you complete control over voice traffic quality, optimized costs, and enhanced efficiency. Taking charge of your resources and capabilities and step up your telecommunications business game. Switching to self-sourced SIP trunks is a surefire way to maximize your potential and take your business performance to the next level. Blending these with Exridge's wholesale voice and SMS rates, DIDs, and eSIMs to create the full MVNO experience will ensure success in any market.

The Ultimate in Flexibility & Seamless Integration

Our Class 4 | Class 5 SIP Server

High Performance Load Balancing

Traffic is distributed across multiple servers to prevent overload and improve system performance. Redundancy ensures continuity in case of server failure through multiple servers, data backups, and fail-safe mechanisms. Geo-location routing directs calls based on caller and endpoint location for minimal latency and high-quality service. Combining these techniques greatly improves call system reliability and performance for effective management and consistent availability.

Intelligent Call Routing

Our use of custom algorithms and automated systems route calls to the most suitable agents or departments, improving customer satisfaction by reducing wait times. This is an essential component of modern call centers and customer service operations and is likely to become even more sophisticated with the help of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Real-Time Billing

We offer advanced billing solutions for voice, DIDs, SMS, pre-paid and post-paid services with profit guarantee routing. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures smooth billing operations, maximizes profits, and delivers unparalleled service. Trust us for improved billing processes and revenue boost.

Multi-Currency Accounts

With globalization, businesses must adapt to serve clients worldwide, which includes handling multiple currencies for billing and providing localisation and multilingual support. Accurate conversion requires real-time exchange rates, and offering billing in multiple currencies helps businesses enter new markets, increase profits, and benefit from currency fluctuations.

Lightening Speed. Zero Latency

Geo-localisation of servers involves strategically placing them around the world to improve performance and reduce latency. Achieving zero latency is critical for fast network performance, which involves reducing delay time between user requests and responses and most importantly, Voice Quality. High-speed connections and reduced latency result in minimal delays and an enhanced user experience, improving server performance and ensuring quick and efficient user agent access.

Super Simple Configuration

Our top-tier flagship product is both efficient and easy to use, with a quick setup process that won't slow down your team. Experience optimal performance without lag or delay when uploading tariffs and reports. Our sleek interface is designed with the user in mind, making it effective and accessible for anyone. Choose the best and take control of your telecoms infrastructure.

Fraud Management & Monitoring

Our 24/7 Fraud Management and Monitoring service offers a user-friendly platform with integrated features for security management. Our expert team protects your servers from potential security threats, allowing you to focus on your business and trust us to deliver the best protection for your sensitive data.

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