About Us

We are commercial developers
and engineers who understand

We offer fully managed voice solutions as well as integrated
solutions - with your own ecosystems & minutes.
Passion for Products

We source the best-in-class solutions from across the globe and integrate them on our own Class 4/5 Switch & Billing Platform, ready for our clients to utilise on a SaaS model.

Easy Configuration

Technology must be simple. This is our number one criteria and it should be yours. If your customers can't sign up and register within one or two clicks they won't convert to your service. We can provide this service for your company, even if you are not our SaaS client.

Market Focus

We have already taken care of the technical issues, so you can focus on your business. We have in-depth knowledge in many areas, meaning our solutions are market-ready and can be launched within just a matter of weeks.

Low Up-Front Investment

Pay-As-You-Grow models to suit start ups or businesses without surplus capital, but with a abundance of ambition!


Quality is King! Quality is imperative to becoming a long-term player in this fast growing sectors. We don't settle on anything, less than perfect.

Support & Maintenance

Whether you decide on a Fully-Managed Solution, our SaaS/Cloud Switch & Billings Solution, or are only utilising our Software Development Solutions, we offer full support with rapid response.

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