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The Ultimate in Flexibility & Seamless Integration

Whitelabel Softphone &
UCaaS Features

Our Whitelabel Softphone is the epitome of communication efficiency, offering an extensive range of VoIP features that are seamlessly integrated into our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Private Branch Exchange (PBX), and Class 4/5 Switch & Billing Platform. Designed for simplicity and flexibility, our softphone ensures that all features are accessible in one easy-to-use application.

Virtual Numbers

Inbound voice and SMS from any phone delivered to your users' softphone, consequently saving MNO interconnect charges for MVNOs. Furthermore, Caller Line Identity (CLI) selection and multiple virtual numbers is available for business users and global citizens.​

Call Recording & Voicemail

Call Recording, using ad hoc selection from the call screen or via preset variables. Voicemail for missed calls and optional attachment of wav files to email is also available. Finally, VoiceMail & recordings can be accessed via the My Account CRM portal in the softphone.​

Synchronised Rich Contacts​

Smart Contacts are seamlessly Integrated Contacts with users' Native Contacts PLUS your own-brand Smart Icon so that your users can call & message other users' smartphones on-net, with ease. Microsoft 365, LDAP & JSON Contact Integration is also available.​
whitelabel softphone
whitelabel messaging app

Messaging & File Transfer

Instant Messaging (IM) & SMS for increased ARPU. Multi-media messaging or file transfer for state-of-the-art feature offering for your users. Option of encryption of messages from softphone to softphone.​


Encrypted calls and encrypted messaging with options of SDES, SRTP and ZRTP (military-grade encryption) over UDP or TLS. Therefore making detection of VoIP signalling difficult over non-voip friendly networks / country operators.​

Retail or Business Features

For B2C Balance display showing currency & value or days remaining on plan. Live Rate Checker inform users of the rate to dialled number before they call via the softphone. For B2B we include features such as attended transfer, call waiting, IVR & huntgroups.

The Ultimate in Flexibility & Seamless Integration

Our Feature-Rich Mobile VoIP App

Our Mobile VoIP App is the ultimate solution. With an extensive list of features, our app is designed to exceed your expectations and impress your customers. Whether it's high-quality video and voice calls, messaging, file sharing, or call recording, our app has everything you need. Our user-friendly interface is both intuitive and appealing. Whether you're selling to individuals or a businesses, our Mobile VoIP App is the go-to app for communication.

HD Quality Voice & Video

Our Whitelabel Softphone is equipped with the OPUS codec for HD on-net calling, ensuring that every conversation is incredibly clear and lifelike. For calls to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), we employ transcoding to G.711 or G.722 codecs, maintaining the highest quality standards even over WiFi and 3G networks.

Incoming Calls via Push Notifications

Stay Connected with Zero Battery Drain. Our Whitelabel Softphone leverages advanced push technology to deliver incoming calls directly to your device, ensuring that your users never miss important calls while maintaining battery efficiency, wherever they are.

Zero Touch Provisioning​

Exridge's Whitelabel Softphone offers a streamlined account creation process with enhanced security measures, ensuring that your communications are protected and accessible. In today's fast-paced and security-conscious world, setting up your communication tools should be both quick and secure and SIP Account Creation, instantaneous.

The Ultimate in Flexibility & Seamless Integration

Our Desktop VoIP Integrated Virtual Application (VIVA)​

fully integrated desktop solution

VoIP Features

Our Fully Whitelabel VoIP Solutions are packed with all the features you need to guarantee your business success!​

Softphone & UCaaS Features

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