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Exridge SIP Softphone

From Simple... to Simply Amazing.
Your own branded softphone.

A fully customisable, white label softphone app to add value to YOUR customers & YOUR business.

Why spend money promoting other companies' brands?

Choose Your Solution

Integrate with your existing PBX

A simple, cost-effective, advanced softphone

Done for you, or build your own

A fully integrated, feature-packed app, using our APIs

Create limitless possibilities

A modular-based super app with Add On features

White Label Benefits

Speed to Market

Don't let the opportunity pass you by. Communication choices abound, but the market requirements & mobile phone usage are expanding faster. With your own white label softphone you can establish your place in this growing sector and in the pockets of people around the globe.

Highest Quality, Security & Privacy

Our apps have been proven in the marketplace time and time again. Before purchase you have the opportunity to test a number of live apps from the store. You can also test our apps with your own SIP server. For a small fee of $49 you can also create a viaable MVP to get stakeholder or investor approval.

Easy Setup, Loads of Flexibility

After selecting the features you wish to launch with, choosing your skin and icons, your test app build is sent your inbox within 24 hours. Additional features are added via our simple plug 'n play modules and your fully functioning app can be ready to go in as little as 2 weeks.

Crisp, Clean Modern Designs

Keep the focus on your content and imagery. Our designs are crisp, clean, and sure to give your site the best chance of success. Our in-house designer is available to create bespoke designs and revisions and is an expert in UI & UX.

Fast & Friendly Support

We're standing by to answer any general or specific questions you may have. Professional support when you need it most with 24 x 7 x 365 support across ALL timezones. Our global customer base can confirm our rapid response and issue resolution.

Value Driven Pricing

Our solutions are cost effective and allow you to compete with your heavily invested competitors at an absolute fraction of the cost, on a Pay As You Grow basis. We do not provide "cheap" products that will waste our clients time and money. We do not make promises new can't fulfil.

Expertise & Experience

Exridge has been winning business and providing companies with solid products and solutions for over 10 years. This is our niche and expertise. We can guarantee that a there is not another white label provider who offers the breadth of commercial solutions and options that we do, or as a one-stop-shop. 


We don't believe in one size fits all. Exridge offers flexible solutions and flexible ways of working. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

Bring Your Own PBX

Bring Your Own PBX

If your company already has a many end users on an established platform, our white label VoIP app is the solution for you. Our fully interoperable app is SIP Server agnostic. Although you can avail of more modules and features by taking the full end2end platform solution from Exridge, we are more than happy to support you on your own PBX. We have experience of most proprietary and open source solutions and our engineers are always on standby to help. You can also add our stand-alone billing module to your existing PBX to uplift your solution to include real-time stats and costs, if needed.

You are always welcome to test our solution and can do so in 3 easy steps here.

End-To-End Solution

End-To-End - Recommended 

Our End-to-End solution is the most cost effective, full featured, 'tried & tested' solution, offering the most modules / add-on products and is without a doubt, the quickest way to launch your own product or business. This solution includes our Hosted or Cloud PBX /RCMS server or our On Premise PBX / RCMS. Solutions are suited for a B2C/ Retail product or a B2B / Enterprise solution with fully UCaaS & Contact Centre Solutions, managed by our state of the art Admin Portal or our easy to use APIs.

Fully Managed Service

Fully Managed

Let us take care of the technology, back-end and entire supply chain of add-on features, to allow your team to focus on Sales & Marketing & Scaling your business. Whether a White Label Mobile VoPI App is an addition to your existing product portfolio, or is the flagship product of your new venture, Exridge's expert team is highly experienced and can support your journey and ensure your success.

Are You Ready To Launch Your State-of-the-Art Softphone?

Simple to deliver, complex by design, with features galore to wow your customers.

HD Call Quality

We recommend OPUS codec for HD on-net calling and transcoding for PSTN calls to G.711 or G.722, therefore ensuring the highest quality calls over WiFi and 3G of any SIP softphone. This is pre-configured when using Exridge's Cloud PBX / RCMS and offers the best  experience for end users.

Virtual Numbers

Inbound voice and SMS from any phone delivered to your users' softphone, consequently saving MNO interconnect charges for MVNOs. Furthermore, Caller Line Identity (CLI) selection and multiple virtual numbers is available for business users and global citizens.

Recording & Voicemail

Call Recording, using ad hoc selection from the call screen or via preset variables. Voicemail for missed calls and optional attachment of wav files to email is also available. Finally, VoiceMail & recordings can be accessed via the My Account CRM portal in the softphone.

Advanced Contacts Choices

Smart Contacts are seamlessly Integrated Contacts with users' Native Contacts PLUS your own-brand Smart Icon so that your users can call & message other users' smartphones on-net, with ease. Microsoft 365, LDAP & JSON Contact Integration is also available.

Exridge SIP Softphone
Features Softphone

Instant Messaging (IM) & SMS for increased ARPU. Multi-media messaging or file transfer for state-of-the-art feature offering for your users. Option of encryption of messages from softphone to softphone.


Encrypted calls and encrypted messaging with options of SDES, SRTP and ZRTP (military-grade encryption) over UDP or TLS. Therefore making detection of VoIP signalling difficult over non-voip friendly networks / country operators.


Balance display showing currency & value or days remaining on plan. Live Rate Checker inform users of the rate to dialled number before they call via the softphone.

Auto Provisioning

2-factor authentication or SMS provisioning to allow users to create SIP accounts instantly and with enhanced security. Social media such as Facebook & Google sign-in also available.

Pinless Dialling

Call Through or Pinless Dialling is available via automatically selection local access number for users to call without 3G or WiFi on the softphone. Seamless authentication, no DTMF for enhanced user experience.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications for incoming calls and messages ensuring zero battery drain due to the softphone. Notification marketing tools are also available for enhanced customer communication, up-selling and increased ARPU.

Advertising & Referrals

Value-Added Services such as Social Sharing, Referrals, In-App Advertising & distributor or reseller tracking can easily be added to enable sales & marketing initiatives.

Your own iOS & Android mobile Softphone available from App Stores

Regardless of Service Level you select, submission to the Apple App Store & Google Play is FREE of charge

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