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HD CALL Quality

OPUS codec for HD on-net calling with transcoding for PSTN calls. Local media servers, STUN &amp TURN servers to overcome NAT traversal issues, therefore ensuring the highest quality calls over WiFi and 3G of any whitelabel softphone.

Virtual Numbers

Inbound voice and SMS from any phone delivered to your users’ softphone, consequently saving MNO interconnect charges for MVNOs. Furthermore, Caller Line Identity (CLI) selection and multiple virtual numbers is available for business users and global citizens.

Recording & Voicemail

Call Recording, using ad hoc selection from the call screen or via preset variables. Voicemail for missed calls and optional attachment of wav files to email is also available. Finally, VoiceMail & recordings can be accessed via the My Account CRM portal in the softphone.

Smart Contacts

Seamlessly Integrated Contacts with users’ Native Contacts PLUS your own-brand Smart Icon so that your users can call & message other users’ smartphones on-net, with ease.

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Messaging & File Transfer

Instant Messaging (IM) & SMS for increased ARPU. Multi-media messaging or file transfer for state-of-the-art feature offering for your users. Option of encryption of messages from softphone to softphone.


Encrypted calls and encrypted messaging with options of SDES, SRTP and ZRTP (military-grade encryption) over UDP or TLS. Therefore making detection of VoIP signalling difficult over non-voip friendly networks / country operators.

Balance & Rate Checker

Balance display showing currency & value or days remaining on plan. Live Rate Checker inform users of the rate to dialled number before they call via the softphone.


2-factor authentication or SMS provisioning to allow users to create SIP accounts instantly and with enhanced security. Social media such as Facebook & Google sign-in also available.

Pinless Dialling

Call Through or Pinless Dialling available via automatically selection local access number for users to call without 3G or WiFi on the softphone. Seamless authentication, no DTMF for enhanced user experience.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications for incoming calls and messages ensuring zero battery drain due to the softphone. Notification marketing tools are also available for enhanced customer communication, up-selling and increased ARPU.

Advertising & Referrals

Value-Added Services such as Social Sharing, Referrals, In-App Advertising & distributor or reseller tracking can easily be added to enable sales & marketing initiatives.

User Self-care / CRM Seamlessly Integrated within the Whitelabel Softphone

Payments, Re-credit or Top Ups by Paypal, Credit Card or Voucher / Top Up Cards from within the softphone. One-click payments, auto-recharge and subscription charging for call plans making it simple for your users to generate revenue. Call History, Payment History, Profile Management, Virtual Number Purchase, Call Plan Subscriptions and Caller Line Identity selection are also available through the app. Mobile Remittance and other 3rd Party APIs can also be integrated seamlessly into the app.
White-labelled Account Management features for payment by making entry-level solutions affordable with rapid entry to market. Or custom features for the high-end MVNO feel.

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