App Features

Customisable Skins

Change the look and feel of your app, creating a unique white-lable that is ready to be published in the stores in 24 hours.

Recording & Voicemail

Call Recording ad hoc or preset variables. Voicemail for missed calls and optional attachment of wav files to email.

Integrated & Smart Contacts

Tag users of your app in the integrated contacts with your customised Smart Icon so that your users can call other users on-net with ease.

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Instant Messaging (IM), outbound and inbound SMS (in some countries) can be enabled to increase your ARPUs and create a simple, cost-effective alternative to MVNOs.

Rate Checker

The rate to the destination number will appear automatically so that your users can check your low rates before dialling.


Browser view to enable the addition of any Value-Added Services such as Top Ups, Change Plans, Mobile Remittance, Social Sharing or In-App Advertising. Enables flexible low cost dev changes on the fly.



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    VoIP over 3G/Wifi,

    Voice and Video, even over 3G. HD codecs. With higher speed networks, VoIP is destined to become the ONLY future of telecommunications.   OTT Apps mean that anyone can start a telecommunications business without the need for expensive infrastructure and equipment, and within weeks!

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    Local Access / Call Through Dialling ,

    Even when your users do not have a data connection or are in parts of the world where the data is not reliable, they can use Local Access Dialling, seamlessly via local DIDs or access numbers via their native dialler.   Local minutes that are included within a monthly subscription or pre-paid package can be used to access your network for free or local call cost, making a substantial saving when they use your low rates for International Dialling.

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    Virtual Numbers / DIDs,

    Purchase numbers through app and select the CLI / number to be shown to the callee.

    In certain countries, numbers can even be used for inbound and outbound SMS, as well as voice.

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    Local Numbers for Inbound Calls,

    Using local DIDs, your customers can receive calls as if they are in their home or country of business.

    Family members in countries without widely accessible Internet, can call their loved ones as the cost of a local call.

    Users can also top up the mobile phone account of their loved ones abroad via Global Mobile Remittance, so that their loved ones can call them day or night.

End-to-End Solution

Class 4/5 Switch & Billing

Extensive billing capabilities for pre-paid/retail solutions. Own-branded partition with LCR, multiple SIP Trunks, routing capabilities & unlimited commissions/resellers.

Our Global Network

Exridge Cloud with pops in Europe, North & South America, Asia & Australasia for HD Voice & Video coverage close to users for zero latency.

Pay-as-you-Grow Model

Low up-front cost, increasing only as your business grows. We open realtionships, not close sales. Service-Solutions-Support

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